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Exercises Example
The verb 'be' I am tired.
Present simple I live in London.
Present continuous I'm working in a shop.
Present perfect simple I've never ridden a motorbike.
Present perfect continuous I've been living here since 2005.
Past simple I lived in France for 3 years.
Past continuous I was working in Paris when I met Sam.
Past perfect simple I thought he'd forgotten my birthday.
Past perfect continuous I knew he'd been working very hard.
State and action verbs I think it's true / I'm thinking about you.
Exercises Example
Future verbs I intend to study medicine.
Future plans (be going to) I'm going to visit my sister next month.
Future predictions (will and going to) I think it'll rain tonight.
Future 'simple' I'll help you clean the kitchen.
Future 'continuous' I'll be waiting for you at 6pm.
Future 'perfect' I'll have done my homework by 6pm.
Future time clauses I'll go home when I finish this.
Exercises Example
First conditionals If I pass my exams, I'll go to university.
Second conditionals If I were a cat, I'd sleep all the time.
Third conditionals If I'd eaten less, I wouldn't have been sick.
Mixed conditionals If I'd worked harder, I'd be rich now.
I wish and if only I wish I'd listened to you!
Would rather I'd rather you didn't smoke in here.
Exercises Example
Defining relative clauses The website which you are using now is fantastic.
Non-defining relative clauses This website, which you are using now, is fantastic.
Relative pronouns which, who (and similar words - what, where, when)
Exercises Example
Passives (present and past simple) This webpage was written on a cold winter's night.
Passives (present and past continuous) My computer is being fixed.
Passives (present and past perfect) My bag has been stolen.
Have / get passives I've had my hair cut.
Passives with reporting verbs It is thought that the accident happened before 6am.
The accident is thought to have happened before 6am.
Exercises Example
Reported speech She said that she was tired.
Reported questions She asked me if I was tired.
Reporting verbs say, tell, promise, agree, deny ...
Exercises Example
Subject/object questions Who hit you? / Who did you hit?
Indirect questions Can you tell me what time it is?
Question tags You're a student, aren't you?
Exercises Example
Articles (a / an / the) - general rules I've got a new car.
Articles with institutions and buildings. He's in * hospital / he's in a nearby hospital.
Exercises Example
ED / ING adjectives I was annoyed by his irritating behaviour.
Strong / weak (gradable / ungradable) James was very hot, and I was absolutely boiling.
Comparative adjectives England is colder than Spain.
Superlative adjectives British food is the best in the world.
Comparing with 'as ... as' He's not as friendly as you are.
Comparing with 'much', 'slightly' and similar words England is much colder than Spain.
Exercises Example
Modal verbs - ability I can swim really well.
Modal verbs - obligation You mustn't steal.
Modal verbs - deduction She must be very rich!
Modal verbs - used to and would I used to go to Scotland every summer.
Exercises Example
Gerunds/Infinitives after verbs I love playing the piano, but I need to practise.
Gerunds/Infinitives after other words I'm good at cooking. It's easy to make cakes!
Gerunds/Infinitives (meaning changes) I stopped working to have a cup of tea.
Exercises Example
Countable and uncountable nouns I love chickens so I never eat chicken.
Quantifiers - much, many and a lot of I don't eat much chicken but I eat a lot of eggs.
Quantifiers - some, any, (a) few and (a) little I don't eat any chicken but I eat some eggs.