Learn about strong and weak adjectives.

Practice 1: strong and weak (gradable and ungradable) adjectives

Click on the "ungradable" adjective for each of the adjectives you are given.


Practice 2

Choose the best word to complete each of the following sentences. There are four choices (these questions are similar to part 1 of the Cambridge B2 First exam, Use of English).

  1. It's  cold today. You should wear a warm coat.
  2. I thought the film was absolutely  .
  3. I felt completely  after I watched "The Ring".
  4. My brother's absolutely  . He wants to be a surgeon.
  5. I was  tired after running the marathon.
  6. I find documentaries about animals  fascinating.
  7. I'm scared of my neighbour's new dog. It's  enormous!
  8. I was very  when she told me she was pregnant.
  9. I was absolutely  when my boss told me to work over the weekend.
  10. English food is absolutely . It's the best in the world.