Learn about strong and weak adjectives.

Practice 1: strong and weak (gradable and ungradable) adjectives

Click on the "ungradable" adjective for each of the adjectives you are given.


Choose the best word to complete each of the following sentences. There are four choices (these questions are similar to part 1 of the Cambridge B2 First exam, Use of English).

  1. It's  cold today. You should wear a warm coat.
  2. I thought the film was absolutely  .
  3. I felt completely  after I watched "The Ring".
  4. My brother's absolutely  . He wants to be a surgeon.
  5. I was  tired after running the marathon.
  6. I find documentaries about animals  fascinating.
  7. I'm scared of my neighbour's new dog. It's  enormous!
  8. I was very  when she told me she was pregnant.
  9. I was absolutely  when my boss told me to work over the weekend.
  10. English food is absolutely . It's the best in the world.