(You can learn about the difference between much, many and a lot of here.)

Practice 1: how much or how many?

Choose the best word to complete these sentence - how much for uncountable nouns, and how many for plural countable nouns (be careful with irregular plurals e.g. person/people).

  1.   jobs have you had?
  2.   chocolate did you eat yesterday?
  3.   teeth does an adult usually have?
  4.   time do you spend watching Youtube videos every day?
  5.   times have you studied this grammar before?
  6.   children do you want to have?
  7.   fruit should people eat every day?
  8.   exercise do you do every week?
  9.   holidays did you have last year?
  10.   housework do you do every week?

Practice 2: much, many or a lot of?

Now try this exercise: choose the best quantifier - much, many or a lot of.

  1. I drank too    coffee and now I can't sleep.
  2. My dad gives me    good advice.
  3. I have so    ideas that I don't know what to do first!
  4. My neighbours make    noise at night. It's really annoying.
  5. If you make too    mistakes, you won't pass the exam.
  6. I have so    bags, I can't carry them all home.
  7. Don't do too    exercise at the gym or you'll hurt yourself.
  8. I've studied too    grammar and now I can't remember anything.
  9. There's so    rubbish on the beach. It makes me really sad.
  10. I found    old coins under the sofa.