Learn about using modals of obligation.

Practice 1: using must, have to and can

Complete each sentence with one word (note: contractions such as can't count as one word).

  1. I love tattoos, but my dad says I get one.
  2. You tell anyone this - it's a secret.
  3. In England, you don't to go to school on Sunday.
  4. If you have a dog, you take it for a walk every day.
  5. You have to get married in a church - you can get married anywhere!
  6. I remember to buy my dad a birthday present.
  7. I have to get a visa to go to China?
  8. I stay in bed until 11 tomorrow?
  9. Sorry, but we have go home now.

Practice 2: using positive and negative modals for obligation

Choose the best expression to complete these sentences.

  1. Sorry, you can't smoke in the house, but you  smoke in the garden.
  2. You  be rich to be happy - money isn't everything!
  3. It's Saturday tomorrow, so I  get up early.
  4. I'm on a diet, so I  eat chocolate or chips.
  5. It's really sunny, so you  wear a coat.
  6. We've got an exam tomorrow, so we  go out tonight.