Learn about using passives with perfect verb forms.

Practice 1: making perfect passives

Change these sentences from active to passive.

  1. Someone has shot the president!
    The president !
  2. By 2050, scientists will have discovered a cure for cancer.
    By 2050, a cure for cancer .
  3. By 1pm, the cleaners had cleaned all the hotel bedrooms.
    By 1pm, all the hotel bedrooms .
  4. In 100 years, people will have forgotten Harry Potter.
    In 100 years, Harry Potter .
  5. By 2040, the government will have banned smoking.
    By 2040, smoking completely.
  6. People have played football for hundreds of years.
    Football for hundreds of years.
  7. Has anyone ever sent you a Valentine's Day present?
    a Valentine's Day present?
  8. By July, builders had built ten new houses in my street.
    By July, ten new houses in my street.

Practice 2: active or passive?

Choose the best verb form to complete these sentences.

  1. By 1920, the first talking films  .
  2. I'm afraid all the food  .
  3. In 100 years, all the rainforests  down.
  4.  to swim by the time I was 8.
  5. Alexander Fleming  penicillin by the Second World War.
  6. I hope aliens  Earth before I die.
  7. By the time I'd finished high school, I  by almost all my teachers.