Learn about using the future simple and continuous.

Practice: future simple or continuous?

Should these sentences use a simple or continuous future form? Choose the best answer from the drop down box to complete the sentences.

  1. Do you think that  the next World Cup?
  2. She loves climbing trees, but if she isn't careful,  her leg.
  3. Just think - this time tomorrow,  married!!!
  4. It's my brother's birthday tomorrow. I think  him some DVDs.
  5. My exam starts at 9 o'clock, so at 9.30  the exam.
  6. Where's your little brother now?  in the garden.
  7. I hope that by the time I'm 50,  in a big house, and  three children
  8. I'm going on holiday.  of you all at work while I'm lying on the beach!!!
  9. What colour hair do you think 
  10. My driving test is tomorrow morning, and I know I'm going to fail! So this time tomorrow  in my bedroom! And then  start taking lessons again.