Learn about using different relative pronouns.

Isn't this the colour that you wanted? (relative pronouns)Practice 1: what or that?

Complete these sentences with "what" or "that" ("which" is also possible instead of "that" for these examples (defining relative clauses), but many people prefer "that").


  • I thought this was the colour you wanted.
  • I thought this was   you wanted. 
  1. I love the flowers you bought me.
  2. I love you bought me.
  3. I told him everything I knew.
  4. I told him I knew.
  5. I can't believe you are saying!!!
  6. I can't believe the things you are saying!!!
  7. I love you are wearing.
  8. I love the hat you are wearing.

Practice 2: where or which/that?

Complete these sentences with "where" or "that" (again, "which" can be used instead of "that" for these examples).

  1. I loved the town we stayed.
  2. I loved the town we stayed in.
  3. This is the house I was born.
  4. This is the house I bought last week.
  5. The university I went to was built in 1908.
  6. The university I met Jo was built in 1908.
  7. This is the place I got married.
  8. This is the place I was telling you about.

Practice 3: which, where, that, what, who, or whose?

Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

  1. I've met the writer  book you're reading.
  2. I don't like  you've done to your hair.
  3. My wife,  was bitten by a dog, is scared of animals.
  4. I ate everything  he cooked for me.
  5. I lost the ring  he gave me.
  6. What's the name of the girl  dictionary you borrowed?
  7. I hid the money  no one could find it.