Learn about using gerunds and infinitives after adjectives and prepositions.

Practice: verb patterns after prepositions and adjectives

Choose the correct verb form to complete each of these sentences.

I've given up  .
I'm very bad at  .
It's wrong  lies.
It's normal  sad sometimes.
My sister went out without  us where she was going.
It's impossible  what you are saying.
I'm worried about  my boyfriend's parents.
Yuri Gagarin is famous for  the first man in space.
I'm really excited about  to New York tomorrow.
In some countries, it's rude  your finger at people.
I left the restaurant without  - I can't believe I forgot!
I brushed my teeth before  to bed.
It's not nice  at other people.
I'm frightened of .
I'd be happy  you with your problems.
I'm tired of  so hard.