Learn about superlative adjectives.

Practise using superlative adjectives

Complete the sentences using the superlative form of the word in brackets. Be careful with your spelling.

  1. My dad is dad in the world. (FUNNY)
  2. Whales are animals in the world. (HEAVY)
  3. Mice are animal in the world. (CUTE)
  4. My bedroom is room in my house. (COMFORTABLE)
  5. I am cook in the world. (BAD)
  6. For English people, Japanese is language to learn. (DIFFICULT)
  7. That was film I've ever seen. (SAD)
  8. My sister is person I know. (TIDY)
  9. My grandmother is person in my family. (OLD)
  10. That was book I've ever read. (STRANGE)
  11. I've ever travelled is from London to San Francisco. (FAR)
  12. What's animal in your country? (DANGEROUS)
  13. Spain is country in Europe. (SUNNY)
  14. What's place you've ever visited? (HOT)
  15. What's you've ever stayed up at night? (LATE)