Learn about comparative adjectives.

Practise using comparative adjectives

Complete the sentences using the comparative form of the word in brackets. Be careful with your spelling.

  1. My dad is than yours. (FRIENDLY)
  2. Lions are than monkeys. (DANGEROUS)
  3. I'm than you. (FIT)
  4. Greece is than the UK. (HOT)
  5. My Spanish is than your French. (BAD)
  6. For English people, learning Chinese is than learning Spanish. (DIFFICULT)
  7. Sarah's shoes are than your shoes. (CLEAN)
  8. Dogs are than cats. (INTELLIGENT)
  9. My sister is than me. (YOUNG)
  10. My bedroom is than your bedroom. (TIDY)
  11. London is from Rome than Paris. (FAR)
  12. His car is than mine. (FAST)
  13. My jokes are than yours. (FUNNY)
  14. I think I'm now than I was last year. (THIN)
  15. He always gets up than me. (LATE)