Learn about making passives with get and have.

Practice: the get/have something done passive

Make these sentences sound more natural by changing them from active to passive, using the word in brackets.

  1. I paid someone to pierce my ears when I was 6. (HAD)
    I when I was 6.
  2. I'm paying a mechanic to fix my car at the moment. (GETTING)
    I at the moment.
  3. Have doctors removed your appendix? (HAD).
    Have ?
  4. The supermarket delivers my shopping every week. (GET)
    I every week.
  5. I'm going to pay someone to redecorate my kitchen. (HAVE)
    I'm redecorated.
  6. The Mafia paid someone to kill the policeman. (HAD)
    The Mafia .
  7. A painter has painted a picture of me and my family. (HAD)
    I of me and my family.
  8. I need an optician to test my eyes.(GET)
    I need .