Learn about using future time clauses.

I think I'll get a dog when I'm older (future time clauses).

Practice 1: time words

Choose the best time conjunction (before, after, until ...) to complete these sentences.

  1. I'll keep working  I'm 67, then I'll retire.
  2. I'll retire  I'm 67.
  3. I've forgotten my umbrella, so we should go home  the rain stops.
  4. I've forgotten my umbrella so we should go home  it starts to rain.
  5. The killer will stay in prison  he's 70.
  6. We'll go to the cinema  we go shopping.

Practice 2: present or future verb form?

Choose the best verb form to complete these sentences, but remember there are lots of ways to talk about the future - not just will!

  1. I'll keep texting him until  me.
  2.  tomorrow, as soon as you finish the job.
  3. I'll tell you what happened as soon as .
  4. Let's go to the beach as soon as  work.
  5. What  after you graduate from university?
  6. I don't want to have kids until  thirty.
  7.  carefully before you quit your job.
  8. Please call your dad as soon as  home.
  9. When this movie ends,  to bed.
  10. Before  the swimming pool, you should take a shower.

This grammar is very similar to the grammar for first conditional. If you want to practise talking about the future with if, try these first conditional practice exercises.