Learn how to use the future perfect.

Practice: future simple, continuous or perfect?

Complete each sentence using the future continuous (will be doing), future perfect simple (will have done), or future simple (will do). Then click check answers at the bottom to see how you did.

It's June. Sarah has just finished her medical degree, and she starts her new job next month.

In September, she as a doctor. (work)

By Christmas, she a doctor for about 5 months. (be)

I'm going on holiday four times this year. The first holiday is next week.

This time next week, I dinner in a Spanish restaurant. (eat)

By the end of the year, I four holidays. (have)

I usually get home from work at 6.30 and start cooking dinner.

Don't phone me before 7 o'clock - I dinner. (make)

Phone me at 8 o'clock - I my dinner by then. (finish)

- How many exams by the time you are 21? (you, take)

- Lots! But I'm not worried. I know I them all! (pass)

- Do you think that the sea levels  to rise in the next 20 years? (continue)

- Yes, definitely. And maybe cities like London by then. (disappear)

- Really? So maybe in 2050 people in underwater cities!!! (live)