(You can learn about some, any, few and little here.)

Practice 1: some or any?

Choose the best word to complete these sentences: some or any.

  1. I bought    flowers yesterday.
  2. I don't eat    meat because I'm vegetarian.
  3. Can I have    more cake? It's delicious!
  4. I'm full! I can't eat    more pizza.
  5. I'm so busy right now. I never have    time to relax.
  6. Can I borrow    money? Just £10.
  7. There are    letters for you by the front door.
  8. Are there    mountains in your country?
  9. Did you have    problems when you were on holiday?
  10. I try not to make    noise at night.

Practice 2: (a / very) few or (a / very) little?

Now choose the best word / phrase to complete these sentences. Remember, use a few for countable nouns and a little for uncountable nouns. And if you want to say 'not much/many' instead of 'some', don't use 'a'.

  1. We've got   milk left. Will you buy some more?
  2. There's   milk left. Would you like some in your coffee?
  3. I've only just moved here, so I know    people.
  4. The gym is a good place to meet new people. I've made   friends there.
  5. Some more people have decided to come, so we'll need  more chairs.
  6. There's   rain in the Atacama desert in Chile.
  7. There's sometimes   snow here in the winter, so we might be able to make a snowman.
  8.  students were late today and the teacher was angry with them.
  9.  people know the truth about Sam. She's good at keeping secrets.
  10. If you feel sick, you should try drinking   water.