(You can learn about present simple grammar here.)

This tastes delicious - I love cake! (present simple)

Practice 1: making the present simple

Remember to use contractions where necessary (e.g. does not → doesn't)

  1. My parents  in a city. (not live)
  2. I the piano every evening. (play)
  3. How often ? (she smoke?)
  4. Where  ? (they work?)
  5. I meat. (not eat)
  6. My brother  beer. (not drink)
  7. My sister Lady Gaga songs in the shower. (often sing)
  8. We to bed before 10pm. (not go)

Practice 2: missing words

Choose the best word (from the list) to complete these sentences. Careful - you don't need them all.

do - does - don't - doesn't - like - likes - think - thinks - sing - sings
  1. What  your sister want to study at university?
  2. I want to go home - I'm happy here.
  3. Do you that English is easy?
  4. Tom speak French - he only speaks German.
  5. We swimming - we go to the swimming pool every week.
  6. Everyone that English grammar is fun!
  7. My girlfriend doesn't usually in the shower.
  8. My sister dogs - she has 5 of them.
  9. What you do at the weekends?
  10. What  your cat eat?

Practice 3: speaking with the present simple

Answer the questions below and give as much information as possible. Then compare your answers with my examples. Are you similar or different?

Do you spend much time with your family? What do you do together?

I live with my husband in the south of England and the rest of my family live in different cities in the UK, so I only see them a few times a year, usually at Easter, in the summer holidays and at Christmas. We talk, go for walks, watch TV and eat lots together!

My sister lives near London and she has two children and lots of pets so when I visit, I go for lots of walks with the dog and spend a lot of time playing with the children. We play outside, but they also have a Nintendo Switch and we play games on that too. The children are quite young, so I also help with bedtime. I make sure they brush their teeth and put on their pyjamas, and I read them stories. They are so cute!


What do you do in your free time? Say when, where, why, who with and any other information you can think of.

I want to learn Japanese and French, so I study for an hour every day. I also watch a lot of Japanese anime and French crime dramas on Netflix. I'm quite good at French, but I don't understand much Japanese yet!

I love nature, so in summer I often sit in my garden and read or watch the birds, and I sometimes go for walks with my friends. I live quite near the sea, so I usually go to the beach once a week and swim for about 45 minutes. I have a wetsuit so I also go in the winter but I don't swim as much because I usually get cold after about 20 minutes.


What do you do to stay healthy? Think about food, exercise and anything else important.

I do quite a lot of exercise. I walk to work every day, and I go to the gym twice a week. I also go swimming every Sunday.

I (try to) eat lots of fruit and vegetables (I grow fresh vegetables in my garden), but I love crisps and salty or fatty food, so I think my diet isn't very healthy. My favourite food is bacon, and I know that's not good for me!

I don't smoke, but I think I drink too much alcohol. I want to cut down but all my friends drink a lot, and we go to the pub once or twice a week, so it's difficult to stop.