(You can learn about present simple grammar here.)

This tastes delicious - I love cake! (present simple)

Practice 1: making the present simple

Remember to use contractions where necessary (e.g. does not → doesn't)

  1. My parents  in a city. (not live)
  2. I the piano every evening. (play)
  3. How often ? (she smoke?)
  4. Where  ? (they work?)
  5. I meat. (not eat)
  6. My brother  beer. (not drink)
  7. My sister Lady Gaga songs in the shower. (often sing)
  8. We to bed before 10pm. (not go)

Practice 2: missing words

Choose the best word (from the list) to complete these sentences. Careful - you don't need them all.

do - does - don't - doesn't - like - likes - think - thinks - sing - sings
  1. What  your sister want to study at university?
  2. I want to go home - I'm happy here.
  3. Do you that English is easy?
  4. Tom speak French - he only speaks German.
  5. We swimming - we go to the swimming pool every week.
  6. Everyone that English grammar is fun!
  7. My girlfriend doesn't usually in the shower.
  8. My sister dogs - she has 5 of them.
  9. What you do at the weekends?
  10. What  your cat eat?