Learn about using first conditionals in English.

If you go out tonight, you'll have fun (first conditional).

Practice 1: if and unless

Choose the best word (if or unless) to complete these conditional sentences.

  1. I'm very busy, but ... you wait a minute, I'll find someone else to help you.
  2. You'll probably get the job ... you say something stupid in the interview.
  3. I usually enjoy driving ... I get stuck in a traffic jam.
  4. University is expensive. You'll need to save up some money ... you want to go.
  5. You won't be able to buy alcohol ... you have some I.D.
  6. Children shouldn't eat fast food ... it's a special occasion.
  7. You shouldn't go to work ... you feel sick.
  8. I won't be late. I'll be with you by 7 o'clock ... I get the 6 o'clock train.
  9. He should be here soon, ... his train is delayed.
  10. All children should play sport in school ... they have health problems.

Practice 2: making first conditionals

Complete these sentences with the word in brackets in the correct tense.

Remember: situation = if + present simple, result = will + infinitive (verb). And don't forget the 's' with the present simple for he, she and it!

  1. If you tired tonight, we out. (be, not go)
  2. If you down your music, you your parents up. (not turn, wake)
  3. You sick if you all that cake! (feel, eat)
  4. You the exam if you hard. (not pass, not study)
  5. He angry if she his iPhone. (be, break)
  6. It's raining! If he to work, he wet. (drive, not get)
  7. What you if he your birthday again? (say, forget)
  8. I'm so angry!!! I to him again unless he sorry. (not talk, say)
  9. If my computer again, I it out of the window! (crash, throw)
  10. If you your plants, they ! (not water, die)