(You can learn about the difference between state and action verbs here.)

She's eating an apple - it tastes delicious (action and state).

Practice 1: verbs which can be states or actions

We don't usually use state verbs with a continuous (be + verb-ing) form. However, some verbs can be states or actions, depending on the situation. In the sentences below, if it is an action, choose the continuous form. If it is a state, choose the simple form.

  1.  what you mean. ( = understand)
  2.  a psychologist at the moment. ( = meet regularly)
  3. Bob  very unfriendly today. Normally he's lovely.
  4. Bob  really nice. Everyone always loves him.
  5. Mmm. That cake  delicious.
  6. What  at?
  7. The students  to understand this grammar.
  8. Brad Pitt  in 'Hamlet' in a theatre in London for 2 weeks.

Practice 2: action or state

Are these verbs states (simple form) or temporary actions which are in progress now (continuous)?
  1.  the shoes you're wearing.
  2. Don't turn off the TV. I  this film.
  3.  fun at the moment.
  4.  a job at the moment.
  5. I borrowed some money so now I  him £50.
  6. Don't talk to Tom. He  .
  7. John's outside at the moment. He  the grass.
  8.  your brother when I was at university.
  9. This film  interesting. Shall we watch it?
  10. This book  a lot of facts about spiders.
  11. This computer  £1,200.