Learn about using -ed and -ing adjectives.

Practice: using -ed and -ing adjectives

Choose the best word to complete these sentences: -ed or -ing?

  1. I felt because the training journey was . (TIRE)
  2. I thought the lesson was really . It made me feel really . (CONFUSE)
  3. I'm really in history, so I thought the film Elizabeth was really . (INTEREST)
  4. On my birthday, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" in the pub. It was really . I've never felt so in all my life!!! (EMBARRASS)
  5. I was when he gave me the present. (SURPRISE)
  6. I'm really about the exam tomorrow. (WORRY)
  7. We're going to Disneyland on holiday. It's so . (EXCITE)
  8. I think looking after children is really . (EXHAUST)
  9. I didn't think the joke was very . (AMUSE)
  10. My dog is of cats! He always runs away from them. (FRIGHTEN)
  11. I hate people who walk slowly in front of me. I think they are really . (ANNOY)