Practice phrasal verbs or confusing words in English. Choose a vocabulary topic below to read about and then practice. Note that where CEFR levels are suggested below it is approximate - the suggested level is really the minimum needed.

Phrasal verbs by topic

phrasal verb flashcardsPhrasal verbs flashcards

The phrasal verbs flashcards and questions below are adapted from the The PHaVE List: A pedagogical list of phrasal verbs and their most frequent meaning senses by Garnier, M. & Schmitt, N. (2014) which was published in Language Teaching Research, 19(6).

Confusing words

youglishIf you want to see how any of these words are pronounced or used in real life, I would really recommend using Youglish. It's a website which gives you examples of your chosen vocabulary from different YouTube videos. You just enter the word you want to see/hear and it will show you lots of clips of YouTube videos, highlighting the vocabulary, with subtitles. Keep clicking on the ►|  button to hear more examples.