Learn about using used to and would.

I used to be scared of dogs (used to + verb).Practice 1: making sentences with used to (A2 level)

Complete these sentences with positive, negative or question forms of 'used to'.

  1. I coffee. (like)
  2. My brother in magic. (believe)
  3. What during your holidays? (do)
  4. People that smoking was healthy. (think)
  5. with your sisters? (fight)
  6. I much exercise. (do)

Practice 2: used to or past simple? (A2 level)

Remember, you can't say used to if something only happened once, or if you say a specific, past time. Look at the examples below. Click 'used to / past simple' if both answers are correct, or click 'past simple' if it is the only possible answer.

  1. When I was a teenager, I ... a lot of exercise, but now I'm really lazy. (do)
  2. ... vegetarian, but now I eat chicken. (be)
  3. When I was a child, I ... to New York three times with my parents. (go)
  4. I often ... swimming with my friends. (go)
  5. She ... lots of pets. (have)
  6. He ... a really expensive wedding. (have)

Practice 3: used to or would? (B2 level)

Remember, you can say used to or would for repeated actions in the past. However, you can only say used to for past states. Look at the examples below. Click 'used to / would' if both answers are possible, or click 'used to' if it is the only possible answer.

  1. When I was a student, I ... football after school. (play)
  2. She ... to be a doctor, but now she's more interested in politics. (want)
  3. My grandfather ... me and my brother to the park. (take)
  4. When the weather was hot, I ... to the beach with my friends. (go)
  5. I ... in a big house in the country, but then we moved to the city. (live)
  6. I ... watching cartoons in the morning before school. (love)

Practice 4: review all forms (B2 level)

Review used to, would and the past simple. Complete this short text with ONE word only in each space.

When I a child, we a dog called Blossom and we take her for walks every day after school. We didn't use go very far, but we throw balls for her so she got lots of exercise. She to love the water so if there a river, she try to jump in and then she get really wet and smelly and my parents be annoyed. My little brother to try to ride her like a horse, and she to hate that!