What's the difference between after, afterwards and after that?

Look at these examples (they all mean the same thing), then choose after or afterwards to complete the rules.

  • First she went to university. Then she travelled round the world.
  • After she went to university, she travelled round the world.
  • She travelled round the world after she went to university.
  • She went to university. Afterwards, she travelled round the world.
  • She went to university, and afterwards she travelled round the world.

We use  to put the two events into one sentence. It is used with the event which happens first, but can be at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence.

We usually use  at the beginning of the second sentence to talk about the second event. However, sometimes we use it in the middle of the sentence, after a word like and or but. It means the same as AFTER THAT.


Choose the best word (after or afterwards) to complete these sentences.

  1. I did all the washing up.  I had a cup of tea.
  2.  she got married, she didn't change her name.
  3. Let's go to a restaurant  the film.
  4. We went shopping.  we went bowling.
  5.  the holiday, I felt a bit sad.
  6.  the fight, he said sorry.
  7. My children can only watch TV  they've done their homework.
  8. I was sick for 3 days.  I felt very weak.
  9. When he told me the truth, I didn't mind at first, but  I felt really angry.
  10. I had a shower. Then I got dressed  I had brushed my teeth.