Practise phrasal verbs connected with speaking

Look at these examples for 1-2 minutes and try to remember as many as possible. Then click to hide the information and try to answer the questions.

Phrasal VerbMeaning
He pointed out that she was late. tell/inform sb about sth
He talked her into getting a job. persuade sb to do sth
He talked her out of buying that coat. persuade sb not to do sth
He brought up my divorce. mention sth
He owned up to the crime. admit
He chatted me up in the bar. flirt with sb
He went on about it for ages. talk for a long time
He told her off for fighting. speak angrily, because sb did sth wrong
He went into all the details. talk in detail about sth
He needs to speak up. talk more loudly/publicly

Note: sb = somebody and sth = something

Practice 1: multiple choice

Choose the best word to complete the following sentences.

  1. She ______ me into quitting my job.
    chatted told spoke talked
  2. He's so boring. He _____ on and on about his car for hours.
    brought owned pointed went
  3. My teacher _____ me off for forgetting my homework.
    chatted told spoke talked
  4. I can't hear you. Please _____ up.
    chat tell speak talk
  5. She asked me why I was sad, but I didn't want to _____ into it.
    go talk chat bring

Practice 2: Missing Words

Choose two words to complete the sentences below from the examples you have studied. Remember, sometimes you need a pronoun too (me/he/she etc). If you are on a computer, you can hover your mouse over 'clue' to get some help. 

  1. My brother doesn't like it when I his mistakes in grammar. CLUE
  2. It's best if you don't religion or politics at a dinner party. CLUE
  3. I really want to be a soldier, you'll never out of it. CLUE
  4. I don't like it when strangers up at parties. CLUE
  5. If you made a mistake at work, would you to it? CLUE
  6. When you are acting, you need to . CLUE
  7. He was so proud of winning the gold medal, he used to about it all the time. CLUE
  8. You shouldn't hit your children, but you can off. CLUE
  9. Please don't ask about my illness. I don't want to all the details. CLUE