What's the difference between remember and remind?

Look at these examples, then choose remember or remind to complete the rules.

I remembered to phone my parents.

I reminded Tom to phone his parents.

I reminded Tom that he should phone his parents.

I reminded Tom about the test tomorrow.

I remember meeting her before.

He reminds me of my ex-boyfriend.

+ to + verb = think of something, then do it.

+ verb-ing = think about something that happened before.

+ someone + to + verb = tell someone "don't forget to do this".

+ someone + about + something = tell someone "don't forget this".

+ someone + that = tell someone "don't forget that ...".

+ someone + of + something = make someone think of something, because it is similar

Perhaps the easiest rule to learn is that remind is always followed by "someone", and remember isn't!


Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

  1.  the students to do their homework.
  2.  my sister that she'd agreed to help me.
  3. I never  to charge my mobile phone.
  4. This song  me of my childhood.
  5. Please  me to do the washing up before I go to bed.
  6. I must  to buy some bread.
  7. Do you  why you fell in love with him?
  8. I don't  buying this! Where did it come from?
  9. Every year I have to  him about my birthday.
  10. I must  to turn off the lights - I forget every time!