Practise using phrasal verbs for daily routines

Look at these phrasal verbs and definitions for a few minutes. When you think you can remember them, hide the definitions and try the practice exercise below.

Phrasal verbMeaning
wake up to stop sleeping
get up to leave your bed
put sth on to get dressed
take sth off to remove clothes
go out to leave the house (not going to work)
set off to start a journey (e.g. for work, on holiday)
get in to return home
wash up to wash the plates and cups
tidy up to put things into the right places
drop off to fall asleep (usually for a short time)
turn sth on to use a button to start (e.g. a light, a shower)
turn sth off to use a button to stop (e.g. a light, a shower)

Note: sth = something.


Complete these sentences using just one word. Make sure you use the correct form of the verb (wake, woke, woken ...)

Yesterday I up at 7 am. I turned the alarm clock and fell asleep again. I got at about 7.45. I had breakfast, brushed my teeth, had a shower and got dressed. My bedroom was a mess with clothes everywhere, so I up quickly. I off for work at about 8.30.

I got from work at about 5.30, off my work clothes and put my jeans. Then I had dinner. I washed after eating and then went to see my friends. I in again at about 11.00, and on the TV. I watched a comedy programme, and off in front of the TV before midnight.