Practise using phrasal verbs connected with crime

Look at these examples for 1-2 minutes and try to remember as many as possible. Then click to hide the information and try to answer the questions.

Phrasal VerbMeaning
Someone broke into the school and stole the computers. enter illegally, by force
Three prisoners broke out of jail during the night. escape from prison
A masked robber held up the bank. rob using a weapon
Thieves made off with £10,000 worth of jewellery. steal, escape with
He thought he'd got away with the robbery, but he was caught the next day. not get caught/punished for your crime (or escape with something)
The robbers got away in their car. escape (from someone/somewhere)
The police let him off with a warning. don't punish someone
After years in hiding, the robber turned himself in. go to the police and say you committed a crime
If you saw the robbery, you should come forward. go to the police with information
Terrorists blew up the building. destroy sth with a bomb
Frank said he was innocent and that someone had set him up. make someone appear guilty
The police are looking into the crime. investigate
I hope the judge puts him away / locks him up forever! put someone in prison

Some of these phasal verbs can also become nouns:

  • There's been a break-in! (someone burgled my house).
  • There's been a hold-up! (someone robbed the bank).
  • It's a set-up! (someone made it look as if I was guilty)
  • The robbers made a quick getaway. (they escaped)


Practice 1: flashcards

Now test yourself on the examples above using these flashcards.





Practice 2: multiple choice

Choose the best word to complete the following sentences. If it's wrong (line through), try again!

  1. If you know something about the crime, it's important you come ___.
  2. He was caught shoplifting but he was let ____ because it was his first time.
  3. The thieves ____ off with £20,000 of electrical equipment.
  4. The thieves ____ away with £20,000 of electrical equipment.
  5. Someone ____ into the school and stole the computer equipment.
  6. I don't believe in the death penalty, but I think some criminals should be put ____ for life.
  7. He broke ____ of jail by digging a tunnel under the wall.
  8. After a 3 hour car chase, the robber finally got ___.
  9. You'll never get away with the crime -  you should turn yourself ____ now.
  10. The gang held ___ three petrol stations and two jewellers.
  11. Terrorists threatened to blow _____ the hotel.
  12. He's been in prison for 3 years but he claims he didn't do it - the FBI set him _____.
  13. You should tell the police about the man who was following you - they'll ____ into it for you.