B2 First: passives

Make sure you understand how and when to use passive structures. There is lots more information about each of these in the main grammar pages of this website.

1. The be + past participle passive. 

A kind man took us to the airport.
We were taken to the airport by a kind man.

For more information about simple passives, look at the passives pages.

2. Reporting what people think / say with it is ... 

People believe that chewing gum improves your memory.
It is believed that chewing gum improves your memory.
Chewing gum is believed to improve your memory.

3. The have something done passive.

The hairdresser cut my hair.
→ I had my hair cut.
→ My hair was cut by the hairdresser.

For more information about have something done passives, look at the have something done pages.

Practice 1: open cloze (use of English part 2)

Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

  1. I've my kitchen decorated.
  2. Tomatoes are thought be a fruit.
  3. is claimed that violent crime is increasing.
  4. I think I was followed as I walked home from work last night.
  5. Cosmetics have tested on animals for many years now.

Practice 2: key transformations (use of English part 4)

Rewrite these sentences using 2-5 words (including the word in brackets).

People have known that smoking is unhealthy for many years.

It smoking is unhealthy for many years. (been)

Smoking unhealthy for many years. (be)

I need someone to test my eyesight as soon as possible.

My eyesight as soon as possible. (tested)

I need tested. (have)

You can find more practice exercises with be passives here, and with get and have passives here.