B2 First: expressions with 'as'

You might see 'as + adjective + as' in the B2 First exam in normal comparatives (e.g. "She doesn't work as hard as me"). However, there are also some expressions using 'as ... as' which have other meanings - it's a good idea to learn these.

Have a look at these expressions. When you are ready, hide them and try the exercises below to practise using them.

I studied Japanese as well as Spanish. also, in addition
I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. when (immediately)
I'll lend you £100 as long as you pay me back. but only if
He's still a teacher as far as I know*. I think this is true (but am not sure)
As many as 3 million people speak French. up to, and including

We can also use as much as, as little as and as few as in a similar way to as many as. Much and little are used with uncountable nouns (such as 'food' or 'money'), while many and few are used with countable plural nouns (such as 'apples' or 'people').

*As far as is often used to say you believe something is true or to give your opinion. It is commonly used in these expressions: as far as I'm concerned, as far as I can see, as far as I remember, as far as I can tell.

Practice 1: multiple choice cloze (use of English part 1)

Choose the best word to complete the following sentences.

  1. We went home as _____ as it started raining.
  2. I'm vegetarian. I'll eat that as ____ as it doesn't contain meat.
  3. I predict the US will win over 30 gold medals, while the UK will only win as ____ as 5.
  4. As ____ as I remember, the first time I met Tom was at college.

Practice 2: open cloze (use of English part 2)

Choose one word to complete the following sentences.

As as 15 million people in the UK catch a cold each year. Some people claim that if you take vitamin C as as you start feeling ill, it will reduce your symptoms. However, as as doctors are concerned, the best treatment for a cold is to keep warm and drink plenty of fluids. As as this, you should rest and make sure you keep eating properly.

It is safe to exercise if you have a cold as as you are sensible and listen to your body. However, be careful when driving, as studies have shown that colds and flu can reduce driver concentration and reactions by as as 11%.

(Note: I'm a teacher, not a doctor. Please don't take this as medical advice!)