B2 First: linking expression with prepositions

These expressions are quite common in the Use of English exam, and they will also help you with the writing part of the exam.

Read these examples, then try the exercises below to practise using the expressions.

I studied French instead of German.
I studied French rather than German.
and not / in place of
I love all meat apart from ham.
I love all meat except for ham.
not including
Zoos have wild animals such as lions.
Zoos have wild animals, for instance lions.
for example
The school was closed due to the snow.
The school was closed because of the snow.
as a result of
She wears make-up so as to look older.
She wears make-up in order to look older.

Practice 1: multiple choice cloze (use of English part 1)

Choose the best word to complete the following sentences.

  1. He claims his success is ______ to all the hours of practice he has done.
  2. Vegans avoid all meat products, ________ they do not wear leather.
  3. All of Europe drives on the right, except ________ Great Britain and Ireland.
  4. Many people nowadays prefer to watch DVDs at home, rather ______ go to the cinema.

Practice 2: open cloze (use of English part 2)

Choose one word to complete the following sentences.

  1. Most insects are solitary, but some, as bees and ants are social.
  2. It's important that we also try to reuse things, rather simply recycling everything.
  3. Polar bears are losing their sea ice habitat, to global warming.
  4. Some people don't eat pork, of their religious beliefs.
  5. In some schools, there is no encouragement to practise sports, apart football.
  6. The government are trying to encourage the use of bikes of cars.
  7. Doctors advise keeping wounds covered so to prevent infection.
  8. Most people nowadays have at least two email addresses: a private one, instance 'hotmail' or 'gmail', and a work address.
  9. During pregnancy, some foods should be avoided order to prevent harm to the unborn child.
  10. No dogs are permitted in the hotel, for guide dogs.