Learn about the present perfect simple and continuous.

I've broken my leg (present perfect).

Present perfect simple or continuous?

Complete these sentences with the word in brackets. You will need to use the present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous.

  1. I've lost weight because I   to the gym. (go)
  2. I feel guilty because I any work today. (not do)
  3. They're tired because they all day. (work)
  4. I feel sick because I all the cake. (eat)
  5. You look really hot. What you ? (do)
  6. The teacher is angry because Anne late every day this week. (be)
  7. Did you see Maria's hair? I think she it. It looks terrible. (dye)
  8. He's sad because he from his girlfriend. She said she'd call today. (not hear)
  9. you up? The house looks so clean! (tidy)
  10. You seem excited. something ? (happen)