Read about using much and many with countable and uncountable nouns. Then, when you are ready, try these much and many practice exercises.

Much, many and a lot of

1. Much is used with uncountable nouns. Many is used with countable nouns (read about countable and uncountable nouns here if you can't remember the difference). A lot of can be used with both.

I didn't get many presents for my birthday. (countable)

Did you do much work yesterday? (uncountable)

2. Much and many are generally used with how (in questions), not (in negatives) and so or too (for emphasis).

How many brothers do you have?

I don't know many people here. 

I ate so much cake yesterday!

I spent too much money yesterday.

3. In a positive sentence, much and many can sound formal, old-fashioned or dramatic - a lot of is more common.

I've got much homework. (sounds unnatural)

I've got a lot of homework. (natural)


Are you ready to practise this? Try the exercises on the much and many practice page.