B2 First: use of English part 3 (word formation with height and length)

The word formation part of the B2 First use of English exam sometimes includes the noun or verb form of adjectives such as short, wide and dark. Here is a list of some of the more common adjectives and their forms.

Look at the information in the table for a few minutes and try to remember the words. Then click below to hide the information and try to answer the questions at the bottom.

deep depth deepen
high height heighten
- weight weigh
wide width widen
long length lengthen
short shortage (= not enough) shorten
large enlargement enlarge
low - lower
tight tightness tighten
loose looseness loosen
strong strength strengthen
weak weakness weaken
dark darkness
bright brightness brighten

Note: other, less common, forms of these words do exist (for example weighty - adjective, meaning heavier than expected or serious, or shortness - noun, usually in the expression 'shortness of breath'). However, I have tried to give the more common or useful forms of the words where possible. 

Practice 1: word formation (use of English part 3)

Write the correct form of the word in brackets to complete these sentences.

  1. There is likely to be a  of food in the coming months. (SHORT)
  2. The news report covered the economic crisis in . (DEEP)
  3. A healthy diet will your life expectancy. (LONG)
  4. If they this road, there would be fewer accidents. (WIDE)
  5. I think I'll this photograph. (LARGE)
  6. The airport has security at passport control. (TIGHT)
  7. I do yoga to my back. (STRONG)
  8. There is a water nearly every summer in the south of England. (SHORT)

Practice 2: more word formation

Write the correct form of the word in brackets to complete these sentences.

  1. The moment I left work I my tie and started to relax. (LOOSE)
  2. When I myself, I found out I'd lost 10kg! (WEIGHT)
  3. The of my computer screen gives me a headache. (BRIGHT)
  4. I'm afraid of so I couldn't live on the 10th floor. (HIGH)
  5. The lights went out and the room was plunged into . (DARK)
  6. I'm afraid of the so I sleep with the lights on. (DARKEN)
  7. The government are going to the legal drinking age to 18. (LOW)
  8. His long illness has him. (WEAK)