Collocations with make, do, have and take

There's lots of fixed expressions with make, do, have and take which you should learn. If you haven't studied these already, look at this page for some examples and an exercise to test your memory: collocations with make, do, have and take.

Practice 1: open cloze

In the B2 First exam, you might get questions for this in part 2 (open cloze). Choose the best word to complete these sentences. Remember, you need to choose the correct form (for example make, makes, made, making).

  1. I'm a party at the weekend. Would you like to come?
  2. She's always promises, but then she always breaks them!
  3. The wedding will place in a local registry office.
  4. I wish I was more progress with my English.
  5. I never part in team sports at school.
  6. It's mean to fun of people.

Practice 2: more open cloze

  1. What are you holding? Can I a look?
  2. I think I've this exercise completely wrong.
  3. Would you mind me a favour and driving me to the doctor's?
  4. The murderer a complete confession to the police last night.
  5. We were just a chat when his jealous girlfriend started shouting at me.
  6. Please don't get angry, I don't want to an argument about this.

Practice 3: key transformations

You might also be tested on this in part 4 (key transformations). Rewrite these sentences using 2-5 words. Be very careful that you keep the tenses the same!

  1. I found it difficult to understand his accent. (trouble)
    his accent.
  2. He complained to the manager about the terrible food. (made)
    He to the manager about the terrible food.
  3. Please look after my little sister for me. (of)
    Please my little sister for me.
  4. There's no hurry - please don't rush. (time)
    There's no hurry - please .
  5. You should ignore him. (notice)
    You should him.
  6. My house was seriously damaged in the earthquake. (lot)
    The earthquake to my house.

Practice 4: more key transformations

  1. She's earning a lot of money in her new job. (fortune)
    She in her new job.
  2. I tried really hard to explain the problem to her. (best)
    I the problem to her.
  3. You're too loud. Please be quiet. (noise)
    You . Please be quiet.
  4. I'm researching the life of Queen Victoria for my master's degree. (research)
    I the life of Queen Victoria for my master's degree.
  5. My sister and I are completely different. (common)
    I my sister.
  6. I've been on a diet for 6 weeks, but I'm still the same weight. (difference)
    My diet has my weight.