I'm scared of spiders.Using prepositions after adjectives

Many common adjectives are often used with a preposition. For example:

I'm frightened of spiders.

Here are some common examples - it's a good idea to learn these if you can. Note: sb = somebody, and sth = something.

  • frightened / scared / afraid of sth 
  • good / bad at sth
  • tired of sth
  • famous for sth
  • interested in sth
  • kind / mean / rude to sb
  • worried / excited about sth/sb

Some adjectives can use two prepositions. For example:

I'm angry / annoyed with him about the washing up.


Choose the best preposition to complete these sentences.

  1. I'm really bad  swimming - I never learned when I was young.
  2. Lots of people are worried  their health.
  3. My sister is scared  dogs.
  4. I'm tired  studying prepositions. I need a break.
  5. My dad is interested  foreign languages. He's learning Spanish now.
  6. I love animals, so I'm always kind  them.
  7. My sister was angry  me because I lost her ipod.
  8. My sister was annoyed  her bad exam results.
  9. I'm really good  making cakes. Everyone says they're delicious.
  10. I'm quite excited  Christmas this year.
  11. I'm not scared  the dark.

Was that easy? Try the next lesson on feelings adjectives with prepositions.