How to ... present PowerPoint in a smaller (individual) window

If you are teaching online, you might want to use a PowerPoint while other applications are still open - for example an online dictionary or a Word document to take notes. Watch the short video below for instructions on how to show a PowerPoint presentation while other applications are open at the same time. This is especially useful if you are teaching online in Zoom - you can use the share screen function to share only the PowerPoint and keep the other documents hidden from your learners.


And here is a quick step-by-step summary of my instructions in case it was too fast:

  1. Open your PowerPoint.
  2. Click on Slide Show.
  3. Click on Set up slide show.
  4. Click on Browsed by an individual (window).
  5. Resize your PowerPoint window.
  6. Start the show. You can still use your desktop as normal while presenting.