How to ... make your own PowerPoint treasure hunt game

So, here are my PowerPoint instructions. I never knew I spoke so fast!!! I was trying to do it in under 5 minutes - just missed by about 15 seconds. I also have a bit of a cold, so be prepared to hear some very nasal consonants.


And here is a quick step-by-step reminder of my instructions in case it was too fast:

  1. Paste in your background pictures.
  2. Paste in a picture which you will use to cover the background pictures.
  3. Click on "animation" and select "custom animation".
  4. Click on your cover picture, then "add effect", then "exit" and choose an exit animation.
  5. Click on the "pictureX" down arrow and select 'timing'. Choose a trigger to "start effect on click of pictureX".
  6. Now copy and paste your cover picture as many times as needed and drag them to wherever you want.
  7. Done!