How to ... make your own PowerPoint multiple choice quiz

Watch the clip below for instructions on how to make a multiple choice quiz for your learners in PowerPoint. I usually print out a handout with 6 slides to a page for the students. I do a demonstration of the first question as a whole class, then the students work in teams on the other questions. Finally, we get feedback using the PowerPoint as a whole class - you could give students cards with A, B, C and D to hold up to show their answers.


And here is a quick step-by-step summary of my instructions in case it was too fast:

  1. Type your question into a text box (from the insert menu).
  2. Create a shape for your answer (insert, shape). Right click on it and select 'edit text' to add an answer.
  3. Click on 'animation' and select 'custom animation'.
  4. Click on your shape, then 'add effect', then 'emphasis' and choose 'change fill colour'.
  5. In the custom animation menu (on the right), click the down arrow for your shape and select 'timing'. Choose a trigger to 'start effect on click of (your shape)'.
  6. Now copy, paste and arrange your answer boxes.
  7. Finally, change the colour for the right answer by clicking on it, and changing the fill colour in the custom animation menu.