Teacher Resources

Looking for ideas to use in your EFL lessons? Why not explore some of the ideas below.

EFL warmer activities

Warmers for EFL classes

including getting-to-know-you activities
and revision warmers


English pronunciation activities

Pronunciation Activities

including minimal pairs tables
and pronunciation activities


EFL classroom games

Classroom games

including grammar, vocabulary,
and speaking games


ILT resources for EFL lessons

Resources using ILT

including PowerPoint games,
online quizzes, and word games


Ideas and handouts for lesson activities by topic

EFL lesson topics and activities

including lessons for festivals
(e.g. Halloween and Christmas)


Online grammar practice for your students

Pages for students

including grammar, vocabulary, prepositions,
and the Cambridge B2 First exam (FCE)



There are at least four reasons to use lesson warmers. Click on the heading to take you straight to the section with activity ideas.

We should perhaps say fun learning activities instead, as some students (and some managers) do get turned off by the word games. But whatever you call these activities, a bit of fun, competition and team work can be a powerful motivator for learners.

There's a lot of free technology available to use in (and out of) the classroom to enhance learning. Here are some ideas.

Instructions for making your own PowerPoint activities.

Is it that time of year again? Here are some lessons ideas for certain times of the year.

Lots of course books organise their units around topics (usually connected to specific grammar and vocabulary points). Here are some lesson ideas to go with some common topics.

I love teaching pronunciation so much! Minimal pairs practise especially always seems to motivate my students, and weak forms in connected speech are fun too. Here are some ideas.