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Pronunciation - er, or and ah

er or ah picture

Presentation and Practice of /ɜ: ɔ: ɑ:/ sounds.

The pdf here gives a full lesson to present and practise the sounds /ɜ: ɔ: ɑ:/ (er, or and ah). It also gives some spelling guidance for these sounds.

Click here for a handout and activity to practise er, or and ah sounds.

er, or and ah crossword

Further Practice: /ɜ: ɔ: ɑ:/ crosswords

These crosswords get students trying to say the words from the phonemic transcription, then trying to identify how to spell the word they are saying.

Click here for "er, or and ah" large crossword (pdf)

Click here for "er or and ah" small crossword (pdf)