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Pronunciation of words with "EA"

There are many different ways to pronounce the letters 'ea'. Here are some ideas to help practise these.

"EA" Warmer

All the students stand up. Then, going round the class, each student must think of a word with the letters 'ea' in it. You write up the words as they go round, so no one repeats a word. If any student can't think of a word, they must sit down. The winner is the last student standing. You could then come back to these words later to check the pronunciation of 'ea'.

"EA" Presentation + Dictation Activity

ea pronunciationElicit the 7 different phonemes for 'ea' (you could use a sentence such as "I hear that an early breakfast of peaches, pears and steak is good for your heart". Drill the words (maybe ask if they can think of any other words with each sound as well).

Give out the handouts to student A and B. (with an odd number of students just have 2 Bs - they can take it in turns to read a word). Student A now dictates their words to student B. They should check their partner's answers as they go along, so they can correct their pronunciation if necessary. Then student B dictates their words to student A.

Click here for EA dictation handouts A and B

"EA" Dominoes

ea dominoesStudents work in groups of 4 (two against two). They deal out the dominoes. The first team to find a domino with 'ea' pronounced the same in both words starts by putting that card down. Then teams take it in turns to put a card down, each time matching the 'ea' pronunciation.

Click here for EA dominoes activity