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Pronunciation of words with "CH"

There are three different ways to pronounce the letters 'ch'. Here are some ideas to help practise these.

"CH" Warmer

Race - students have 2 minutes to write down as many words as possible with the letters 'ch'. Get feedback, and elicit how we usually pronounce 'ch' - /tʃ/. If the students didn't come up with any examples of /k/ or /ʃ/, ask them how we pronounce 'stomach' and 'chef', and write these phonemes too.

"CH" Practice Activity

ch snap pictureThis is a game of snap for students working in pairs or threes. I thought my students would think it was childish, but it was actually quite challenging and they really liked it. Having a referee helps, as my students wanted me to settle lots of their disputes.

Click here for CH snap activity(pdf)

For lower level students, you could get them to categorise the words by sound first, drill the words a bit and then play snap to see how quickly they can then identify the sounds.