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Hallowe'en Lesson

Vocabulary and discussion

If you have any spooky ambient music to play in the background for this lesson, do!!!

Start by drawing a picture of a ghost and a little man. Elicit how he feels (he is frightened / scared / afraid / terrified of the ghost). Then get students to brainstorm what they think are the top 10 fears. As you monitor you could try to elicit things like dentists, snakes and so on. In feedback make sure you elicit the correct nouns (e.g. heights, the dark, death, illness, injections). This often brings up some discussion of adjective and noun forms. Then, students can work in different groups to discuss which ones they are frightened of, the last time they had to face their fear, why they think it is frightening. You monitor and note any interesting grammar/vocabulary mistakes, and can correct these in feedback.

Alternative discussion: Picture completion

stick man, frightened

Give students this picture. They have 1 minute to complete the picture in any way they want. (if you can, avoid giving examples, otherwise they might find it difficult to think of their own ideas). Then they compare their pictures. This then leads into the activity above - what are the top 10 fears?

Haunted House

This activity will work with any handout that has 16 questions (or fewer).

Students answer the questions on the handout in small groups. Then, they take it in turns to choose a question to answer. If they answer correctly, they can open one of the doors in the haunted house. If they find a pumpkin, they get one point (I keep score by handing out paper clips). If they find a ghost they get nothing. The winners are the team with the most points at the end.

Haunted House PowerPoint Game

Haunted House Game in a Zip folder (for grumpy computers)