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BlockBusters Style Games (ABC quiz)

If you ever watched the TV show 'BlockBusters' you'll know what this is. If not, have a look anyway - it's a nice vocabulary quiz game.

You need two teams, red and blue. Choose a letter to start and ask a question. The first team to shout the correct answer (beginning with that letter) wins it for their colour. Then they choose the next letter. Again, the first team to shout the answer wins.

In the picture here, the blue team have won, because they have connected the blue at the top with the blue at the bottom.

The website teachers direct will let you make your own online quizzes which are great if you have an interactive whiteboard or a VLE for your students. Make sure you save the web address of any quizzes you make, otherwise you might not be able to find them again.

Online Blockbusters (I mean, quizbusters!)

Here is an example I made: Phrasal Verbs Blockbusters

Otherwise, here is a paper version where the students or you can make your own quiz questions. They can play it in small groups or as a whole class on an OHP/whiteboard (although if your class is big/young you might find it gets very noisy as a whole class activity).

Paper version of blockbusters where students generate their own questions