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Back to the Board

I don't know any experienced teachers who haven't done this. Class in two teams. One student from each team sits at the front, with their back to the board. You write a word on the board behind them. Their team must define/act the word for them to guess. First team to guess wins a point. After a few words, swap students and let two others try. Warning: can get very loud.

Board Race

There are lots of variations on this. The simplest is to write 15-20 words from previous lessons on the board. Class are standing in two teams, red team with red board pen, blue team with blue board pen. You define a word, the students with the pen run to the board to circle the word. The first team to get the word get a point. Then they hand the pen to another team member, and you define another word.


Paste a bit of text from your previous lesson into the text box below. Then click on "submit" and it will take you straight to their website and make a beautiful word cloud. Or just go straight to the Wordle website. Change the font / colours or anything else you fancy. Then give a copy to groups of 3-4 students. They should choose a word and try to explain it - the others try to guess the word.

There are some more Wordle teaching ideas on my Wordle Activities page.


Jumble up words from your previous lesson, and get students to untangle them. If you have time, put the letters on little squares of card (you don't have to make lots of sets - just get them to pass round the words once they have worked them out). You can use my anagrams PowerPoint slides to get feedback on the anagrams in a pretty way if you like.

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