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IT resources

PowerPoint activitiesPowerPoint Activities

Some require no preparation, others you need to type in questions. But if you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom, then this is the place for you. Or, if your college has a VLE (virtual learning environment) you could put these activities on it for your students to try.

PowerPoint Activities

puzzgrid imagePuzzgrid

Similar to the quiz show Only Connect, you have to make four groups of four, from 16 words. Usually there is some overlap between the categories. The example here tests students on prefixes. You can make your own on the puzzgrid website - it's very simple, but remember to save the number of your puzzle.


Click on the play button to hear my message. The website is and you can make your own for free. I've recently used this to create a context when presenting passives - I made a newsreader who gave a report about a zombie attack on the college (...was attacked, were hurt). You can record your own voice, or type the script.

dfilm ideasDvolver (previously Dfilms)

Students write short dialogues and use this simple website to create their own short cartoon films.

Click here to see an example film and dfilm ideas and website.

class dojoClass Dojo

Class dojo is a great looking behaviour management tool which is incredibly simple to use. If you think your students might be too old for it, it also works as a cute way to score teams.

Socrative and Kahoot

These two websites allow you to make quizzes for your students which they can access in class on mobile devices and the teacher can control on an interactive whiteboard. With Socrative, the students do all the questions at their own pace (although you can watch it as a race on the IWB), while Kahoot stops after each question so the class can discuss answers together. With Kahoot you can also use other people's quizzes!

wordle activitiesWordle Activities

Wordle is an utterly brilliant way of making word clouds. This one is from 10 present perfect sentences. You just need to copy and paste your text into the site. Look here for ideas for Wordle activities and to make your own.

crystal ballCrystal Ball

A magic ball to make predictions, similar to the magic 8 ball. Students think of yes/no questions to ask the magic ball. You'll need a computer screen / interactive whiteboard to show this (with Flash installed).

Crystal Ball lesson

categories wheelAlphabet Categories

Have you played "Categories" with your students? Here are the instructions, and a spinning wheel which will pick the letter for you. Some categories are also suggested. (Note: you will need Flash installed for this to work)

Alphabet Wheel

Game Accessories

Some little toys here to help you with games on an interactive whiteboard, including dice, bomb timer and scoring wheel: Games accessories.

quizbustersBlockbusters Game

This brilliant website by Teachers Direct lets you make great looking 'blockbusters' games for free. Note: remember to save the address of the webpage you create or your game might be lost forever!

Online Blockbusters (um, "Quizbusters")

Phrasal Verbs game by TinyTEFLTeacher

Make your own quizzes

Hot potatoes software is a brilliant way to make your own computer based crosswords , cloze exercises, matching exercises and more (it uses html, so you can also use them on the internet). It looks a bit old-fashioned now, but it's free and there is a nice variety of activites!

And if you can't or don't want to download software onto your computer, Quizlet is a website which allows you to make free online quizzes for your students.

Alternative to PowerPoint

You have to sign in, but this website is free, really intuitive to use, and you can create non-linear presentations with a real 'wow' factor. As long as you are a teacher with time to make presentations, it's amazing.