How to ... add sound to PowerPoint

If you haven't looked at the first PowerPoint tutorial, and you aren't too confident using it, I would advise you to look at this link: How to make PowerPoint animation - there's a little bit of 'custom animation' necessary here.

Oh, and in case you wonder why you can't hear the clip art sounds - my screen recorder only picked up my voice - I could hear the sounds, but you can't!!! If I have time, I might re-record it to see if I can include the barking and miaowing.

    And here is a quick step-by-step reminder of my instructions in case it was too fast:
  1. Go to "insert" and choose "clip art".
  2. In the clip art menu, select "results should be" and check the 'sounds' box.
  3. Click on your sound you like to add it to the slide.
  4. Click "automatically" if you want the sound to start when the slide starts.
  5. Or, click "when clicked" if you want to control the sound.
  6. Go to "animations" then "custom animation".
  7. Either: click on the .wav file in the right menu, and select "timing" and choose a different trigger.
  8. Or: add animation to a picture on the slide, click on it in the right menu, select "effect options" and then choose your sound.
  9. Done!