Classroom Games

We should perhaps say fun learning activities instead, as some students (and some managers) do get turned off by the word games. But whatever you call these activities, a bit of fun, competition and team work can be a powerful motivator for learners.

board game questionsHere is a selection of grammar, vocabulary and prepositions board games.

The question cards require some cutting up, but you'll want to use them again and again.


opinions boardHere is a selection of board/card games for practising speaking skills, particularly fluency.

Online word games

There are lots of free websites with vocabulary or spelling games which are suitable for EFL students. Here are some of my favourites.

powerpoint pictureIf you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom, try these PowerPoint games. Some are ready to go, some need you to type your own questions into the template.

abc quiz (blockbusters)Follow this link for a paper version of the Blockbusters game, and links to an online version you can make for interactive whiteboards

This page is a work in progress for games which I couldn't decide how to categorise.