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On Time or In Time?

Often you can use either, but there is a small difference in meaning. Look at these examples, then choose on time or in time to complete the rules.

I was on time for the meeting. I turned off my phone and sat down.

I was in time for the meeting so I got a cup of coffee.

is used to mean before something happens.

is often used to say you had enough time to do something.

is used when something happens at a scheduled time.

is usually contrasted with late.


Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

I arrived at the bus stop just to see the bus leaving.

We arrived at the cinema to see the trailers before the film.

I'm usually late for work, but yesterday I was .

Superman arrived to save all the people from the burning building.

This morning, I got up to see the sunrise.

The train didn't leave because of electrical problems.

Our teacher is always late. The lessons never start .

I hope my bus is - I don't want to be late for my doctor's appointment.

If we leave now, we can get there to help prepare for the party.

My wedding didn't start because I got stuck in a traffic jam.

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