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Hard or hardly?

Hard and hardly have completely different meanings! Look at these examples, then choose hard or hardly to complete the rules.

Diamonds are very hard.

He worked very hard on Monday.

The grammar was very hard.

He hardly slept on Monday.

He has hardly any money.

We use to mean difficult.

We use to mean the opposite of soft.

We use to mean almost not, or a very, very small amount.

We use to mean to do something with a lot of effort.


Choose the best word (hard or hardly) to complete these sentences.

We've won the lottery! I can believe it!

This film is really to understand.

I don't like beds - I can't sleep.

I've had anything to eat today.

If you work you should pass your exams.

It rained every day on our holiday, so we went out.

I remember my childhood - it was too long ago.

I've done any work because I was watching TV.

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