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Preposition Exercises ▼ Place/movement ▼ Time ▼ Dependent
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Prepositions of Time (in, on, at)


We use in with years, seasons and months.

I got married in 2007.

I got married in December.

I got married in the winter.


We use on with days and dates.

I got married on 31st December.

I got married on New Year's Eve


We use at with times and well-known holiday periods.

I got married at 3.30.

I got married at New Year.

Here are some other examples you should learn:

  • In + the morning, the afternoon, the evening, but at night.
  • At + mealtimes (at breakfast, at dinner ...).
  • At + the weekend.
  • At the moment, at present, at that moment.
  • In the past, in the future.

Remember: we don't use in/on/at when we say "this / last / next".

I'll see you next week.

The teacher doesn't like working in the afternoon. She prefers sleeping.

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