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Preposition Exercises ▼ Place/movement ▼ Time ▼ Dependent
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Prepositions of Place

Before you look at these, you should read the information about in, on and at. Then you are ready to learn these other ones.

preposition under
The cat is under the table
prepositions on
The cat is on the table
prepositions in
The cat is in the basket
next to
prepositions next to
The cat is next to the table
prepositions above
The light is above the table
preposition over
The picture is over the table
in front of
prepositions in front of
The spider is in front of the TV.
prepositions behind
The spider is behind the TV.
preposition opposite
The spider is opposite the cat.

Be careful with above and over. They can be used in the same situations but not always. Usually we use over when something is fixed to the ground or a wall. We use above when something is hanging in the air. Over and above can also be prepositions of movement:

I climbed over the wall. (up, then down)

I climbed above the wall. (to a higher position)

Also, be careful of the difference between in front of and opposite. Usually opposite is used when two things are facing each other, especially when there is something between them.

I parked in front of his house. (on the same side)

I parked opposite his house. (on the other side of the road)

The teacher wants to lie in bed all day.

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